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About Vitória Régia

About us

Originally from Brazil for more than 30 years, Vitória Régia has an experience of 25 years of success in Portugal. In addition to its main products, flowers and plants, the company offers a large number of accessories (paper, ribbons, cachepots, baskets, glasses, ...) and the work of an excellent team of professionals that aim to further improve the that nature offers us.

The customer of Vitória Régia can also count on the service of worldwide's deliveries of flowers.

Quality and innovation have always been part of the vocabulary of this company, the rigor in the choice of products offered for sale and the innovations brought from international fairs (Holland, Germany and Italy) make Vitória Régia a singular and recognized florist not only in the
North, but in the rest of the country.

The commitment to an experienced and qualified team in the area, presents itself as a value to its capacity of innovation and versatility, before an increasingly demanding and evolved market.


What is Vitória Régia (victoria amazonica)

Its name is said to have been attributed by Lindlay in 1838, a tribute to Queen Victoria of England. It is one of the most beautiful and well-known plants of the Amazon. Although it has leaves that can reach up to 2 meters in diameter and petioles and peduncles that can exceed 4 meters in length, it is an annual or biennial plant. It is born and develops, it flourishes, it fruits and it dies in the period of one to two years.

Its growth is synchronized with the periods of flooding and ebbing to the "white water" lagoons of the igapó forests where it lives.

It is an aquatic plant, with large circular and floating leaves, with protruding edges and all covered by aculeus in the lower part.
The long petioles that are under water are also covered by aculeus and grow from a large tuber rooted in the bottom of the lake.

The flowers are floating like leaves, having a diameter that can reach 30 cm. They are white when blossoming, becoming pink or red afterwards. The seeds of Vitória-Régia germinate at the beginning of the rainy season.

The species reaches its maximum development when the waters of the lagoons where it lives are at their highest level. At that moment are produced the flowers that open in the late afternoon, closing in the morning. Thus, the insects that visit these flowers in search of pollen are imprisoned inside and released the next day. In this way, when visiting other flowers gives the pollination of the species.

When the pond waters begin to drop, at the beginning of the dry season, the plants also begin to wither away. At the bottom of the dry ponds are the remains of dead plants and fruits, whose seeds will restart the life cycle of Vitória-Régia next season. The tubers are used as food by the Indians, who dig them up when the plants die.

Source: Nossas Plantas - Amazónia - Célia de Assis, Cibele Boni de Toledo, Sergio Romaniuc Neto and Inês Cordeiro